Had the honor to host my first hygiene routine party for a group of 6th grade middle school girls! Talk about a crowd you don't want to disappoint because they will let you know if you are failing. That's of course my own insecurities rearing up to freak me out about public speaking. Of course they were absolute darlings and my biggest competition for their attention was the selfie sessions after each step shown💘. Really wished I had captured a few more pictures but it was just to precious to witness and I really enjoyed taking it all in. As if it was just yesterday that I was at a friends sleep over with my closest gals learning the newish trends in makeup and fashion. Never talking about a skin routine or the way we should treat our skin with healthier makeup alternatives.

Loved that the take away for them was washing your face can be fun and that if you don't treat your skin right it doesn't matter if you become a pro at makeup application your skin will taunt you with blemishes. Not all the makeup in the world can cover up poor skin health due to poor hygiene and dirty ingredient products. They enjoyed the most basic of make up applicationthat a 12yo should know. With ponytails wrap with scrunchies and headbands holding back their hair they seem eager to learn the regimen and rules of skin prep and makeup application..The RESULTS being witness to the Best Confidence Glow Up's I have ever seen💓

A Big Thank You to @cuwilkerson of Beautycounter in the Heights for the the referral to the parent and for giving me the whole Beautycounter line at my disposal. I do not work with Beautycounter as a consultant but I have used many of their great products. If a product/brand works and cares about its consumer it's a win win.

Quick outline of the Event

Intro of Beautycounter's philosophy (educate yourself to what ingredients you but on your skin), a brief explanation of all the different lines I would be using tonight: countercontrol line, nourishing line, dew skin tinted moisturizer with spf, concealer, blush, mascara and lip gloss. Honestly that is just the small drip in the bucket to what BeautyCounter has to offer and they can literally cover you head to toe.

12yo girl routine as follows

Wash hands- Wash Face:How to correctly apply cleanser - topical treatments (acne, redness : are is the biggest concerns among the group) and then follow up with a tinted Moisturizer SPF. Thus teaching proper technique and order for best results. This should be the basic standard no more no less.

- Beautycounter Charcoal face mask was just a fun spa experience. Not part of the regular routine.

Minimal Makeup Application : Just for fun

Know how to blend concealer on a blemish - how to apply blush (as not to look like a circus clown 🤡) proper mascara application, and clear lip gloss as a cute final touch. Not making them look older but refreshed. Just teaching them proper application techniques, hygiene steps before and after makeup, so they know how to keep their skin and tools clean ignorer to maintain proper skincare.

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