Mother May I.... Please have better beauty products!!

Offering my services to all of the Houston area, to teach young ladies good skincare hygiene and very natural makeup application.

My my mission is to help them find self confidence through their skincare regimen. Using that new confidence to make better choices in the types of products they want to put on their skin. So when they leave for camp or even college they can maintain and afford healthy, non-toxic skincare and makeup. I’m not in favor of any one BRAND, but will always side on the brand making the consumers best interest a priority with using fewer chemicals and more plant based ingredients. All the while finding the best available skincare products at every budget. Never wanting those to be without the knowledge and or proper regimen.

I do extensive research(reading 100+ articles and staying up to date on and similar sites)on each of the brands and test each one on myself. I do this before I make any skincare or makeup recommendations.

I have a daughter turning 2 in March and in good conscience I couldn’t stand to watch as skincare routine is not the front runner or is barely mentioned in beauty blogs or it’s mostly about the glam. No amount of makeup coverage is going to cover up blemishes from the terrible products young girls put on their skin.

Thank you,


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Contact me via email or Instagram message to discuss pricing and event information.

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