My Must Do's To Start A New Realistic Routine

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

#1 realistically you need to set a time for both morning and night.

Get real if you are anything like me (you most likely are dependent on some sort of electronic device) you have access to a calendar. If you have an established morning routine mine will likely add only a few extra minutes. Or hopefully organize you to be more efficient in yours. Find out when you are really capable of free time, not talking 45 minutes but maybe 10. Just spend a few moments with your calendar and you can organize your routine and try to strive for that on a daily basis. You wouldn't miss a medication reminder. Be real if you aren't a morning person don't plan on doing a multitude of beauty steps, keep it simple and plan a night routine that can be relaxing and calming.

- Multitasking is Key!

- Realistic expectations for planning.

#2 is the Golden Rule

Always wash your hands before you start your routine. Think of your hands as your instruments and treat them as such. Doctors or Esthetician will always wash their hands first before they touch you, hopefully :{

#3 Always wash your face with your preferred facial cleanser and follow up by micellar water on a pad. You will be SURPRISED by how much makeup or dirt is left behind after cleaning with your cleanser and warm water or a cleansing wipe.

- My cleanser of choice is- CerVe Foaming Facial Cleanser - Normal to oily skin. My favorite for years and I have sensitive and oily skin.

- Burt's Bee's Micellar Cleansing Water is my new go to as it does NOT leave an oily residue behind.

- I use washable reusable cotton pads, now to help stop the waste. But by all means finish using your throw away cotton wipes. Just think about the reusable ones when you are close to finishing your package.

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