New Years Resolutions H2o2o

H2o is life.

As a mom I have become more concerned with getting my kids to eat the right percentage of fruits, veggies, carbs, and protein. Because I really push drinking water or mix 70% water to 30% juice ratio ,they prefer water to most other liquids. Being their mom, chef, nanny, nurse, teacher, chauffeur, court jester, and all around Carson the Bulter (Downton Abbey reference), I'm falling behind on my own duties to myself. I can go hours with out a sip of water-> which you guessed it is terrible for you and your skin. So hopefully with my own determination or probably a water app. I will try to drink more water during the day and not my normal huge glass right before I go to bed.

Goal: 50 ounces per day

- Drink hot (green- my fav) tea first thing in the morning.

- Carry a reusable plastic water bottle with me as a literal physical reminder.

- Add fresh fruits for flavor

- TRY to finish most of my water before 5pm

- On the plus I get more sleep bc I'm not waking up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. and my skin is happier for it too.

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